Historical Political Events for September 15

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Year Event
1789 The U.S. Foreign Affairs Department becomes the U.S. State Department.
1821 Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua jointly declare independence from Spain.
1950 Korean War: United States forces land at Inchon, Korea.
1961 Life magazine's essay, "A New Urgency, Big Things to Do -- and What You must Learn", describes the atomic nightmare Americans were facing. Fallout shelters were being built in backyards even if survival of a nuclear attack was unlikely. Today, the danger still exists (possibly worse since third world countries and terrorists likely have nuclear material) yet no one seems to be concerned. Another illustration of the power of memes!
1970 It is later revealed by a 1975 Senate Intelligence Committee report that President Nixon (R) authorized a U.S.-backed coup in Chile on this date.
1986 President Ronald Reagan (R), issued an Executive Order (Executive Order 12564) establishing the “Drug Free Federal Workplace”, which directed all agency heads to develop a plan for achieving a drug-free workplace. It established the "Employee Assistance Programs" (EAP) within Federal workplaces that were eventually expanded to assist employees struggling with alcoholism and many other personal issues.
1995 $9.3 million from the National Institutes of Health's Superfund Worker Training Program, awarded on this date, to Laborers' International Union of North America (LIUNA), making award totals of about $30 million for 1994 and 1995, to this organization that has "at least 80 officials of LIUNA and its affiliates which have been convicted of various organized crime-related activities, including bribery, embezzlement, interstate transportation of stolen merchandise, and attempted murder."
1997 VP Al Gore (D) and Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman report that over 30 million Americans (1 in 7) are suffering from hunger. [It is paradoxical that we also have a problem with obesity worse than any other country in the world! I suppose fat people get hungry too. Maybe more so.]
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Quote of
the Day
In a word, far too many of us seem to love the nation-state more than we do our children, and are prepared to offer their lives in sacrifice to political interests.
    — Butler Shaffer, in "Loving our Children"
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