Historical Political Events for September 19

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Year Event
1796 George Washington's farewell address, in which he warned against public debt, large military developments, and permanent alliances with foreign powers was printed this date. [Such a worrywart!]
1893 New Zealand takes the honor of being the first nation to grant women the right to vote.
1918 An epidemic of influenza, picked up in Europe, begins this month and spreads through the U.S. killing 500,000 people before it ends in 1919. The casualties were greater than those inflicted by the war!
1994 US Armed Forces invade Haiti to restore the dictator Aristide to the presidency and "democracy" to the people. Right.
1998 Yet another Interesting Government Purchase (from the CBD), from the USAID:"SUPPORT FOR ECONOMIC GROWTH AND INSTITUTIONAL REFORM PROJECT (SEGIR)--GENERAL BUSINESS,, TRADE AND INVESTMENT", AMT $85,000,000 each TO Nathan-MSI Group, Barents Group LLC, Booz Allen & Hamilton, CARANA Corporation, Price Waterhouse Coopers, and Chemonics International, Incorporated. (many similar awards have been made recently by the USAID -- see the CBD)
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Quote of
the Day
A national debt in the trillions is nothing if not a huge tax imposed on those who canít vote yet. It has been estimated that a child born today comes into the world owing $100,000 in bills his elders have chosen not to pay.
    — Joseph Sobran
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