Historical Political Events for September 20

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Year Event
1519 Circumnavigation of the globe by Ferdinand Magellan (Fernão de Magalhães, c. 1480-1521). The crown of Spain sent Magellan to find a strait to the Moluccas.
1565 St. John's River Massacre: The Catholic governor of Cuba learned of a French Protestant settlement in Florida and sent a force under Pedro Menendez to the harbor of present day St. Augustine to prepare to expel the French heretics, or send them to Heaven, if necessary. Menendez captured the village and killed 140 defenders. 60 women and children were taken prisoner, 40 or 50 others escaped via ship to France. The Spanish troops then marched south down the beach and killed or captured the shipwrecked French flotilla. The survivors were rounded up and taken to the inlet of a river south of Saint Augustine, where the Spanish hacked 350 of them to death with swords.
1789 Congress creates the Post Office
1881 Chester Alan Arthur is sworn is as President due to the assassination of President Garfield. Bet you never knew there was a President Arthur!
1946 President Truman (D) asked Henry A. Wallace to resign as Secretary of Commerce because of his outspoken criticism of the U.S. "get-tough" policy toward the Soviet Union. His letter to the president that got him in to trouble is here.
1947 The National Security Act came into force this date. The following day the modest Central Intelligence Group gave way to the mighty United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
1996 The US Army released manuals used to train Latin American soldiers how to torture, beat people, execute, falsely imprison, and use truth serum on their enemies.
2002 President Bush (R) releases his "The National Security Strategy of the United States", wherein he explains why world domination is the key to security.
2006 Military leaders in Thailand have staged a coup, suspended the constitution and declared martial law. First time in 15 years!
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Quote of
the Day
Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.
    — Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)
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