Historical Political Events for September 30

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Year Event
1187 Muslim forces retake Jerusalem from the Christian Crusaders.
1809 In the Treaty of Fort Wayne, Delaware, Miamis, and Pottawatomies sign a treaty with Governor Harrison ceding over 3,000,000 acres of Indiana and Illinois to the government. Tecumseh and Tensquatawa denounce the treaty.
1946 The International Tribunal at Nuremberg announced its decisions and verdicts against the major war criminals are handed down by the International Military Tribunal. The Nazi Leadership Corps, the Schutzstaffel (SS), the Security Police, and the Gestapo were found to have been criminal organizations, while the SA (Sturm Abteilung), the cabinet, and the general staff were acquitted. "The Charter recognizes that one who has committed criminal acts may not take refuge in superior orders nor in the doctrine that his crimes were acts of the state...."More here.
1962 A riot at the University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS, results in 29 of the 200 US Marshals present being injured, when they are required to maintain order against over 2,000 KKK and student demonstrators trying to keep a black man, James Meredith, from being admitted to classes. 200 National Guard troops arrive to assist. 13 guardsmen are wounded by sniper fire. Federal troops arrive and after 15 hours the riot is curtailed. Two are dead and 70 are wounded by the time the riot ends.
1966 Congress passed the Military Medical Benefits Amendments (P.L. 89-614;80 Stat. 862) recognizing "the fading promises to retired military personnel, as well as the plight of dependents of active duty members who were located away from military medical facilities and passed the CHAMPUS program (now, TRICARE). As usual with congressional actions, the real purpose was to find a way to weasel out on the contract made with military personnel to "provide lifetime medical care for retirees and their dependents". World War II and Korean veterans are the hardest hit by this broken promise.
1996 President Clinton (D) signed into law the new "Illegal Immigrant Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act", which aimed to reduce the number of illegal immigrants, partly by limiting immigrant access to welfare services.
1998 Today's Example of a Most Interesting Government Purchase (announced in the CBD): From the Department of Labor: "MEDICAL SECOND OPINION SERVICES--(DENVER)", AMT $4,300,800 TO The Ricwel Corporation, 6200 Avery Road, Suite E, Dublin, Ohio 43017. [Can you imagine what the first opinion might cost!]
2006 Martial Law Act of 2006: Part of 591-page, $500 billion, Defense Authorization Act of 2006, which makes it easy for the President to impose martial law in response to a terrorist “incident.” It also empowers him to effectively declare martial law in response to what he or other federal officials label a shortfall of “public order”.
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Quote of
the Day
This trial has shown that ordinary men can delude themselves into the commission of crimes and atrocities so vast and heinous as to stagger the imagination. There are those in our country, America, today who speak of the protection of the country. Of survival. The answer to that is: SURVIVAL OF WHAT? A country is WHAT IT STANDS FOR WHEN STANDING FOR SOMETHING IS THE MOST DIFFICULT. BEFORE THE…WORLD, LET IT NOW BE NOTED HERE THAT THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR: JUSTICE, TRUTH, AND THE VALUE OF A SINGLE HUMAN BEING.
    — Judge Dan Haywood, in the movie, JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG
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