Notes on Wiley Jackson Felkins

From Geneva Bailey:

"Wiley's wife Nancy died at the age of 45 yrs in Oct. 1899 fron an Acute
Appendicitus attack. She told Wiley she wanted him to take the family and move
to Oklahoma Indian Territory and start a new life. They did so in spring of
1900. My Mother Nellie Mae Fletcher Cathey remembers a dog following their
wagon for many days that belonged to her Grandfather Lemuet S. Fletcher. Also
he gave them a large basket of apples to take with them. They received a
letter from their relatives stating the dog had returned. They had moved from
Sharp County, Arkansas.

Wiley and family first went to Koshkonong, Missouri to visit his sister Sarah
who had married Newton Richardson. Wiley and family picked strawberries at
Sarah's home, then went on their way. Children slept in tent on tree boughs.

They went to Jesse and Stonewall Territory in Oklahoma.

 Wiley Jackson was a Farmer, had his own store, and carried the mail around 
Ada and Tuttle Oklahhoma. My Mother remembers her grandfather in the mail buggy
pulled by a horse bringing the mail to their house. Stated she and her sisters 
and brothers would run to meet him as he always brought them stick candy. 
Wiley remarried once but it did not work out. His wife wanted him to leave his 
children and be with just her and her own children. He could not do that.

After Wiley became older and could not run his own place or farm he lived with
his children taking turns staying a few months or weeks at a time. Always helping 
in any way he could. The children and family always loved to have him come."