My Hobbies

Written by Leon Felkins, 5 May 1996

Revised 15 May 1996

Hard at Work!Note: this section is under constant revision!
"A class of men who are exceedingly tiresome are those who, having traveled, talk of nothing but their adventures, the countries which they have seen or traversed, the dangers, whether real or fictitious, which they have encountered, repeating the same things an hundred times over." - St. John Baptist De La Salle, 1695
I have to admit, I enjoy playing with computers. I suppose it could be considered a hobby -- or possibly a curse. So, we won't dwell on that one.

But I have other hobbies that might be considered to be a bit more healthy. Music, I suppose is my favorite hobby which I talk about a bit more here. Here are a few more activities that I try to find time for:

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