Notice: I will be closing this series of web pages within the next month or so as I have new interests that are more important to me than maintaining these essays.

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"The ultimate consequence of protecting men from the results of their own folly is to fill the world with fools." - Herbert Spencer

I am a retired engineer, with former employment mostly with aerospace companies, a stint in the military and another in teaching, now enjoying the good life in our log home next to a well-stocked lake on a small wooded farm (just like Thoreau's Walden Pond except with indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and a nice stereo :-) ).

For the moment, this page will only serve to link you to various other pages that I think are worthwhile, and my primary page devoted to politics and philosophy. I hope to add much more here, as time permits, on the several aspects of life -- possibly more important than philosophy -- such as family, gardening, music, and other amusements.

So what the heck is "IMHO..."? In the old days of Internetting, bandwidth was quite limited and therefore abbreviations were often used for standard, often trite, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, expressions. "IMHO" stands for "In My Humble Opinion".

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