Political Duplicity

By Leon Felkins

Written 7 January 2000
Revised 12 January 2000

Hard at Work!Note: this section is in work with much to be added as time permits.

Yes, I know I shouldn't let it bother me, but I have always found the duplicity of politicians and government functionaries very disturbing. My friends point out that deceit is a common tool used by leaders in all fields whether it be government, church, or industry. While that is true, there is one big difference: Government has a monopoly over force and the big guns to make sure it stays that way.

That is a very important distinction. I don't care if industry lies to me when it tries to entice me into using tobacco -- I can ignore them. I don't care if the preacher claims that I need to send more money to "Jesus", via the preacher's post office box. I will wait until "Jesus" contacts me personally. But when the government announces that they have to take away my property and most of my Constitutionally guaranteed rights for the security of the country and I find out later it was a big lie, I get very upset!

This page, then, is devoted to the documentation of political lies, propaganda, memes, news-control, dis-information, and other such manipulations of public opinion. Due to the enormous size of this subject -- it would require a book -- I can only outline the issues here. However, I will provide copious links to other sites with supporting information. Enjoy.

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