"A Rational Life"

A Discussion of the Peculiar Consequences of Individuals Living in Groups

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"Life is of no value but as it brings us gratifications. Among the most valuable of these is rational society. It informs the mind, sweetens the temper, cheers our spirits, and promotes health. "

- Thomas Jefferson, 1784, in a letter to Madison

I recently retired from a career in engineering, teaching, and dabbling with computers. For the first time in my life I now have the time to ponder some of the social and philosophical issues that have always been of great interest to me but, until now, could not be addressed. I am interested in correspondence with others who have similar interests.

I have posted a few of my essays here and, in some cases, I have provided links to various sites on the Internet where others are located. If you have any difficulty in retrieving these essays not at this site, let me know by email and I will send you a copy by email or ftp.

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Surely you have noticed that there is excessive amount of lunacy in the world today. You are bombarded with "truths" from all directions: religion, politics, academia, the media, etc. The advice is conflicting and confusing. What to make of it all? Even if I could, it would be pointless for me to provide you with yet another set of "truths" -- the word no longer has any meaning. Instead, what I will try to do is provide you with some observations that will confirm that what you are being told is most likely not true and I will make some suggestions on how you might be able to use Common Sense to clarify some of the confusion and why you should. Here are the major topics covered.

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