Written by Leon Felkins, November, 1994
Revised 3/15/97

Note, this document is a work in progress. It is an elaboration to an earlier version published on the web. See Social Dilemmas.

PART I: Theory

  1. Introduction

  2. Background

  3. General Analysis

  4. Detailed Analysis

  5. Extended Analysis

  6. "Real World" Examples

  7. Ramifications

  8. How Society has dealt with the Social Dilemmas

  9. Ways to Remove the Paradoxs and Dilemmas

  10. Summary

  11. References

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PART II: Ramifications

  1. Group Behavior Vs Individual Behavior

  2. Ant-like Vs Eagle-like Behavior: Examples

  3. How we are Taught to Think and Act like Ants

  4. Predicting Group Behavior

  5. The Myth that You can do Something about it

  6. Games

  7. Conclusions

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